City Preppers

As you’ve noticed, things are getting bad, especially in the cities.

Will there be blackouts? Hyperinflation? A collapse of the economy? Food shortages? Gas shortages? Will we have killer-ice-storms like Texas experienced a few months ago? 

If you’re looking to get-out of the city, this small-college-town urban-house may be a great investment in your future (and your survival.)  Why?

First of all, in this small college-town which is a 40-minute drive to the nearest city, we’re unlikely to have massive-rioting.

If things get bad, the university will shut-down and send the students home (as they did over a year-ago with the beginning of the lock-down.)  Nobody wants another “Kent State” disaster. So the ugly looting-and-burning taking place in the bigger-cities is unlikely to extend here.

If there are gasoline-shortages, this house is within a 15-minute walking-distance to the places you’ll need to go: uptown, schools, the hospital, grocery store, campus, Miller’s Chicken, the bike-path, a city park, and so forth. 

If you have a bicycle (I’m selling mine at the auction) then, by staying mostly on the bike-path, within 20-minutes you can be on the far-side of town where the big grocery-stores, big-box stores, the farmers market, the city pool, and community-center are located. 

FOOD SECURITY?  The house already has a hidden fruit-cellar and a coal-chute storage-area (accessed from the basement) where you can store more food, your gun-collection, precious metals, or whatever.

It has a sunny-backyard with a 400-SF fenced-in garden-area to annoy the urban-deer. 

Additionally, it has a detached-garage for storage and for keeping your vehicle safely out-of-sight and off-the-street.

Under the garage, and build into a bank, it has a large-shed (with a concrete floor) where you can build a false-wall to create a secret-room.

The 2-story house is also built partially into the side of a bank so the lower-floor is partially earth-bermed which keeps it warmer in the winter. That not only saves money on the utility-bills but may be helpful during an extended power-outage.

It has a natural gas water-heater, furnace, and stove. So even when the electricity is out, you can probably cook and have hot-water. The furnace will still need electricity but a small back-up generator could be used to power the furnace and refrigerator for a few hours a day.

There’s a small garden-pond which is a great way to “disguise” your water-storage. 

Many years, I’ve had gold-fish. But you could also raise some other type fish for food. 

And, for additional water, if you add rain-barrels, with each downpour, the new metal-roof will be collecting rainwater which will be much safer to drink than water coming off an asphalt-shingled roof. 

A few months ago, before I knew I was going to sell the house, I had an estimate for installing solar-panels with back-up batteries. (NOTE: There’s still a 26% federal tax-rebate available.) And now, with a nice, new metal roof, it may make sense for you to consider adding solar.

Even during a black-out and gasoline-shortages, with solar-panels you could charge-up your electric-vehicle.

The bike-path (which extends to nearby towns) is just a few blocks away. In good times, it’s great for getting away for a recreational ride along with some fresh-air and stress-reducing scenery. In bad times, it may be indispensable for simply getting-away, with your bug-out bag.

We have several state-parks nearby. Using survival-skills he learned in the Macedonian army, a friend from the former Yugoslavia (who spoke virtually no English at the time and had no income) lived for several-months in the winter out in the wild — creating the tools he needed to fish, hunt and cook small-game.

With a fenced-in garden (to protect it from the family of deer who sometimes live in the backyard) you can grow and store quite-a-bit of food in a growing-season. And, if things get really bad, you can harvest the deer right outside the back door. These 4th or 5th generation urban-deer are fearless — they’re like pets, a good reason not to eat them (until you have to.)

Along with 2 portable greenhouses, I’ve used a grow-tent with 2 powerful LED grow-lights to get an early-start on the season. You can also use the grow-tent to grow leafy-greens throughout the winter. Or even cannabis (which has been decriminalized for personal-use in Athens — check the limits on quantity, etc. HERE)

The grow-tent, lights, and small greenhouses will be available at the auction along with a few dozen, brand-new (shrink-wrapped) Mason Jars.

Also, at the auction, I’ll be selling a 20-week supply (for one person) of survival-food (with a 25-year life span.) Just add water and heat (or not.)

And, there’s a small AC/DC refrigerator (which both cools and warms food.) It can plug into the cigarette-lighter in your car or RV for camping. It could also run off your solar-panel system, or you could power it from the regular AC outlets in the house (if there’s not a blackout.)

Hand Guns are becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to buy. If you want one, I’m selling a brand-new, never-used, still-in-the-box SCCY 9mm Red-Dot hand-gun along with 125 rounds of hard-to-find ammo.

For additional security, the house has ornate grill-work over the windows of both the front and back doors.

This house could be an ideal “prepper” house “in disguise.” No one needs to know you have 20-weeks worth of survival food and plenty of water. No one needs to know your garden is partly for survival and that you’re stocking-up the pantry and the fruit-cellar (and maybe the coal-cellar) or that you have a secret room inside the large shed under the garage.

There are plenty of great hiding-places inside this century-old house. (I hid some interesting audio-tapes in the walls for over 30-years.)

So, what if things do NOT turn really bad? What if there are no blackouts? That’s OK. It’s still a great, energy-efficient house on a (mostly) quiet, one-way street that’s close to everything. And it’s nice to know that you are prepared — “just in case.”