The House

First… some historical pics from 1982 when I bought the house. (The house is easier to see without some of the current landscaping.)

1982 – The basic house and detached-garage (both with aluminum siding) look basically the same.
Landscaping has changed. That white rectangle below the front-porch is the door to opening to the coal-chute. You can access it — and also a fruit-cellar under the left-side of the porch — from the basement.
1982 – about a mile walk to town. (15-minutes.)
This is the only house on the street with a garage. Only a few have off-street parking.
Upstairs WINDOWS on the right side of the house: Office, Bathroom, Guest Bedroom.
Smaller Windows Below: Basement area, dining room.
Note that there is access to the unusable, insulated “attic area” through the square window above the front porch.

It’s just a few blocks from the bike-path. Within walking-distance of Seaman’s grocery, Miller’s Chicken, the Ohio University Credit Union branch on S. Shafer Street, the fairgrounds, and the hospital. City bus-stop is 2 blocks away. Westside Elementary School is 2 blocks away.
ARTS/West is 2 short-blocks away. A great location with off-street parking.
This 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house is perfect for a single person, single-parent, or small family.
1982 – back-porch has since been replaced with a deck approx 10′ wide x 6′ deep. with an entrance from the kitchen door. New wooden deck surface installed 11/20.

Below the garage is a shed (with 2 windows — one on the back, another on the right side)
Shed has a concrete floor (about half the size of the garage as it’s built into a bank.)


Living room from just inside the front-door, looking into the small hallway leading to both bedrooms and the bathroom. 400+ SF of new vinyl-plank flooring installed in living-room, hallway, bath, kitchen, pantry. (March 2021)
10 beautiful, hand-knotted Iranian carpets of various sizes and styles will be sold at auction.
Hallway (with framed, original-water-color by artist/author Sallie Latch) as seen from living room. 2 bedroom doors.
Hallway seen from bathroom doorway. Bedroom doors on right, living room on left.

Lots of Marilyn Monroe books, magazines, framed-prints and photos, postcards, and other memorabilia will be sold at auction.
New Vinyl Plank Flooring in March 2021. (2) Stained-glass hanging light-fixtures to be sold.
The bedroom, window looks out over the deck to the backyard.
Bedroom overlooking the pond. Ceiling fan; far infrared zip-up portable sauna; (6) plastic “reed” or “bamboo” shades; small, white, one-drawer bedside table; digital clock; (2) chest-of-drawers.
The Master Bedroom. Window on right looks out onto the backyard. Window on left overlooks the pond. All furnishings will be sold at auction.
This could be a second bedroom. I use it as a library/sanctuary. The window looks out onto the backyard.
The library/sanctuary with a pull-out sofa-bed for guests.
An American flag that flew over the U. S. Capitol Building (with certificate of authenticity.)
The library/sanctuary. Pull-out sofa-bed. There are 2 teakwood-veneer bookcases in this room (and 6 others elsewhere in the house that will be auctioned.) Mission-style stained-glass lamp and a hanging swag-lamp.
The library/sanctuary. I created a window-seat next to the window overlooking the backyard. (It will be disassembled and sold at auction.) It became my favorite spot in the house, especially on cold/rainy or snowy days. A place I could read or listen to music and enjoy a cup of hot tea.
This is my favorite of the 10 hand-knotted antique Iranian rugs that will be auctioned.
Stained-glass made by the owner. “45701” (look carefully)
The lamp sits on top of one of the (2) large teakwood stereo-speakers. 16″ x 16″ x 36
Metal and glass hanging-lamp and (6) plastic “bamboo” or “reed” window-shades to be sold at auction.
Beautiful antique “Tiffany glass” shade on top of a small cast-metal lamp stand.
(I bought the shade on eBay and found the lamp-base at New to You.)
Back to the Living Room (facing east toward the garage — the wall to the left as you enter the front door.)

All art, 2 custom-made hanging stained-glass window-pieces, Mission-Style stained-glass floor lamp, mantle clock (not working, but fixable), heavy-brass candlesticks, John Matz hanging round stained-glass piece, lots of green-marble (obelisks, boxes, cutting-boards, and other art-objects) will be sold at auction.
Custom-made Stained Glass 18″ x 18″ for the living room windows.
Custom-made Stained Glass 18″ x 18″
Egyptian art, stained glass, stained-glass lamp (base also lights up), and the wooden/glass sofa table to be sold at auction.
Living room. White wool 2-cushion loveseat (6′ long x 37” deep), pillows, hanging stained-glass by John Matz, ceramic pedestal, etc. to be sold at auction.
Stained Glass by local artist, John Matz
Stained-glass window hangings to be sold at auction. New vinyl-plank flooring (March 2021)
Ceiling fan with variable-speed wall-switch. Newly-painted ceiling tiles (March 2021).
Living Room: new vinyl-plank flooring installed 2021
Fireplace covered over.
Living Room new vinyl-plank flooring installed 2021. Facing the street. Floor vent next to fireplace.
Living Room Windows looking-out onto the front-porch and street.
The stained-glass pieces will be sold at auction.
White 3-cushion Wool Sofa (plus large throw cushions, not pictured)
8′ long x 37” deep.
White 3-cushion Wool Sofa. (2 more large white throw-cushions come with the sofa and 2 more with the matching love seat.
8′ long x 37” deep
Foot-stool, candelabra , original & signed framed silkscreen of child and stained-glass to be sold at auction.
White 3-cushion Wool Sofa.
8′ long x 37” deep.
Plastic Venetian blinds. Green glass pieces.
Antique milk-glass (?) and brass (?) hanging lamp.
Fireplace: Blocked-off for energy-efficiency.
The fireplace has an old gas-heater installed but I have never used it. I was told to have the chimney inspected before using the fireplace to see if it needed a liner installed for safety. Instead, I just sealed-off and covered the fireplace for energy-efficiency.
Living Room looking into the top of the staircase leading down to the dining room
The staircase has new, gold carpeting, installed March 2021
Framed, signed-art-prints by Alaskan artist, Jon Van Zyle, custom-made stained-glass in the window, and the hanging brass-lamp will be sold at auction.
Jon Van Zyle signed prints. (CLICK HERE). Newly-carpeted stairwell (3/21)
Nice wooden-picture-frames and mats (with photos).
Nice wooden frames and mats with photos. Newly-carpeted steps (3/21)
At bottom of steps, ceramic-tile floor installed in the dining room in 2006.
The Dining Room table has built-in-leaves to seat 6.

Built-In China Cabinet behind the black doors.
Dining room windows – large brass candlesticks – The 2 stained-glass window-inserts will be sold at auction along with the green-marble obelisks (left), black-glazed ceramic bowls, and nice, white ceramic teapot made by a Georgia ceramic artist.
One of the 2 stained-glass dining-room window-inserts. Top of the heavy, brass candlesticks.
Everything you need to host luxurious dinner parties. Golden glass plates, elegant place-mats, and 120+ pieces of Sterling Silverware are to be auctioned. See the Silverware Page in the Drop-Down Menu.
The back deck had new boarding installed in November, 2020.
Steps lead down to the pond and backyard.

Stained-glass is sprinkled around the back yard. The woodpile is beyond a fence on the neighbor’s grassy backyard.
There’s electricity on the back-porch and nice mood lighting. Sit out on the porch and listen to the frogs during the long summer evenings.
More stained-glass accents the back-yard.
One possible buyer had the foundation checked and, though sound, he suggested a footer be placed on the SW corner of the house. Above the forsythia bush, the dining room window. The door on the deck leads into the kitchen. Above: the window on the right is the master bedroom. Window at the top, under the gable (and another on the front of the house) provide access to the attic-space which is well-insulated.
View from the lower backyard. The Japanese Maple is on the street-side of the pond.
The ceramic square pipes are planters guiding you up the stone pathway on the bank.
There are 2 ponds, one large, the other smaller one at the front. Lots of wildlife come to the pond each day. Deer, squirrels, birds. And, at night, occasional raccoons and Triceratops.
The 2 ponds are lined with a fish-safe liner. Both need small fountain-pumps to keep them from becoming stagnant (and to prevent mosquitoes.) Frogs eat the mosquitoes and fish (when you have them) eat the mosquito larvae on the water’s surface. It’s a nice arrangement. Wind chimes are hanging in the Japanese Maple. (They will be auctioned.)
From the street, the yard between the detached-garage and the house. Below the garage is the read door to the shed (half the length of the garage. A garden gate leads down into the lower backyard.
The shed-door and garden-gate leading to a flagstone pathway to the lower backyard.
The shed has 2 windows, one on the back, one on the right (east) side.
There are 2 windows in the garage above. All can be opened for ventilation
A new metal roof was put on the house and garage in April, 2021.
A flowering crab-apple tree in front of a bamboo grove below the garage
To the right, a corner of the fenced-in garden.
The 20′ x 20′ fenced-in garden with a raised-bed. There are 2 portable greenhouses in the garden. One is 6-feet and has shelving on either side, zipable front. The other is a tented cold-frame which zips closed. Get an early start on the growing season. And, the 400-SF garden means 400-SF less grass to cut with the weed-eater or corded-electric lawn-mower. Deer often live in the bamboo-grove at the back of the yard.

Pics of the House