June 3rd, 2021
House / Car / Belongings

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Auction — Thursday, June 3rd 2021 — Starts @ 4:00pm
Household belongings auctioned from 4-6pm
[House/Car auctioned @ 6:00pm
Remaining household items auctioned 6:30-8pm

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Two-Story, 1102 Square-Foot, 2-Bedroom, 1-Bath House with an Office (or upstairs kitchen), Kitchen, Pantry area, Formal Dining-Room, and Basement area.
Gas stove, water-heater, and forced-air furnace.
Detached-Garage and Shed.
New Metal-Roof installed April 26-28 2021.
New Metal Roof Installed on April 26-28, 2021.
Lots of wildlife.
The pond tends to attract birds, frogs, squirrels, deer, and other wildlife.
Invite friends for lunch on the Front Porch. The Dogwood tree and stained-glass lattice provide a degree of privacy from the sidewalk.
Wake-up to the calming sound of the pond and nice green morning-views — just as if you were out in the country.
The Living Room
The stained-glass in the Living Room provides privacy and does nice things to the sunlight.
The Dining Room.
Virtually all furnishings will be auctioned.
Steps from the back deck lead down to the pond and backyard.
The shed door (below the garage) and garden gate leading down a stepping-stone pathway to the lower back-yard.
Yes, even the 1985 Honda CRX hatchback will be auctioned.
(5-speed manual, only 84,000 miles)

Absolute Auction of House.
Auction of Car, and Belongings.
by Shamrock Auctions

Thursday, June 3, 2021
Starting @ 4:00 pm (House/Car auctioned @ 6:00pm)

38 1st Street, Athens OH 45701

This area of the West Side is a densely-packed neighborhood with several one-way streets. [First St is one-way]

Park where you can. You’ll probably have to walk at least half-a-block, then drive to pick-up the treasures you’ve won. Because so few houses have off-street parking, it is sometimes difficult to find parking spots. Most of the university students will have left town for the summer so that may ease the situation a bit.

ARTS/West Parking: To ease the problem, we are making arrangements with ARTS/West to use their parking lot. They are 2 short blocks from the auction site. See the MAP below.

OUT-OF-TOWN? YOU CAN BID BY PHONE: NOTE: If you are out-of-town, you can bid by PHONE on the house, the car, and some of the specific lots in the household goods auction. CLICK HERE

Detached-Garage (on separate lot) has electricity, insulated walls and ceiling. The garage provides an added buffer against the next property (plus, of course, more storage area.)
Floor-Plan of Entrance (Street) Level
Floor-Plan of Lower-Level

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