Stationary Exercise Bicycle

Crescent Stationary Exercise Bicycle For Sale.

OK, I was gifted this bicycle by a friend about 4 years ago because she knew I had dropped out of WellWorks and used to see me there riding their stationary bicycles.

Last year,l I used it maybe 10 times in the winter, when the roads were icy or I couldn’t go out and ride my real bicycle. It was nice to have. I had it in the dining room but have now put my new inversion table there so this got moved into the basement.

I don’t use it much because mostly I’m able to ride my real bicycle every day.

I’ve never heard of this brand and can’t find anything about it on the Internet.
Maybe they were bought-out by another company or went out of business.
I don’t know how old this bicycle is but it works fine.

Simple,straightforward operation:.

1 Just adjust the height of the seat and the handle bars (they raise up and down and also tilt toward you if you want.),

2 Get on

3 Pedal.

A simple “speedometer” and “odometer” tells you how many RPMs you’re pedaling and how many miles you’ve ridden.

It is belt-driven. The pedals are connected to a “fan-belt” that turns the wheel in the front.  Just simple technology that’s unlikely to break.

The height of the seat is adjustable and it’s pretty comfortable.

Below, the white lever on top adjusts the handle bars.

The white KNOB below adjusts the resistance (how hard you have to pedal.)
Very simple, just turn it to make it harder or easier to pedal.

That’s it. It doesn’t have any electronic gizmos or computerized programs.

If you use it, it will be a great purchase. If not, then it will be a waste of money.

It’s heavy. The seat will come off and the handlebar column will come off.
But even then, it’s fairly heavy. A friend had to help me get it in and out of the car and into the house.

It’s got little wheels on the front which make it easier to move around once it’s in the house (you just lift up on the seat at the back and roll it around.)  But getting it up and down steps is awkward. Of course, this would be true for any exercise bicycle.