Live Healthy

Loosen-up and stretch-out your back with this nice wooden,back-bend device, with knobby rollers to give you a gentle massage. I use it with some of my yoga exercises

It’s atop one of the smaller, hand-knotted antique Iranian rugs which looks modern but is about 70-years old.
REBOUNDER — moves your lymph, helps with cardio fitness. There are actually lots of things you can do with this besides use it as a mini-trampoline, such as Pilates and yoga stretches. This is a really nice one which uses bungee cords instead of steel springs so it’s nice and quiet. Won’t annoy others in the next room while you’re bouncing. I use it about 15-minutes each morning. Easy to clean.
This bed-topper for a single bed is meant to prevent bed sores for those who are hospitalized or bed-ridden. There are alternate pads of air that inflate every 6 minutes so that the pressure doesn’t remain in one spot. I just like using it because it’s so comfortable. It’s very quiet, about as loud as a refrigerator.
Here’s the controller. Just turn it on. Some people apparently leave it running for weeks or months and say it’s extraordinarily helpful in preventing bed sores. So if you know someone who needs it, here’s your chance.
VITAMIX 5000 food-processor on the left (it’s like a super-blender); Juice Lady restaurant-grade centrifugal basket juicer (it spins a metal basket incredibly fast and slings the juice out from the fruit or veggies. The juice comes out the spout on the front into a glass, the pulp goes into the bin at the back (which you line with a plastic bag for easy-cleaning.) The pulp is high-in-fiber and can be used for cooking to carrot cakes, etc. the pineapple pulp is like baby-food and makes a nice snack.
Both are easy to clean:. The juicer takes about 5 minutes; the Vitamix less than a minute.
Drink Pure, Distilled WATER. No fluoride. No chlorine. No pathogens. This heavy-duty counter-top distiller distills over a half-gallon of water in about 3-hours. With it are 8 nice, glass gallon-jugs with rubber stoppers.
Exercise Ball Chair. The ball is removable so you can use it separately. I’ve used this as a desk chair on occasion. It forces me to sit-up straight.

On the wall is a framed print of a large, embroidered wall-hanging art-piece commissioned by Robert Redford for his NYC apartment. It is an image of dozens of animals in a desert setting. For 7 years, I was on the board of directors for Friends of the Earth (an environmental organization with offices in 26 countries at that time) and Redford was on our advisory council (along with Paul Newman, John Denver, Neil Simon, Dr. Linus Pauling, and other celebrities.) The poster/print was sold for fundraising purposes. With the print will be auctioned an autographed autobiography and other books about David Brower, founder of Friends of the Earth and former president of the Sierra Club. He was one of the world’s top environmentalist for many decades.
In the corner, the portable zip-up far infrared sauna. Stay warm in the winter, sweat out toxins, keep your skin and body healthy!
You can set the temperature — up to 150-degrees F — and also the length of time you want to stay in the sauna with the digital controller. It takes less than 10-minutes to warm up to the assigned temperature. There are zippered slots if you want to stick your hands out to hold a book or talk on the phone.
At the left you can see part of the Inversion Table.
If you have back-pain, this inversion-table is what you need.
It allows you to control the amount of inversion so that you can move more blood to your upper body and stretch-out your back.
This one has a really nice detachable massage-heat unit which you can adjust on the table-bed, or take it off and use it in a chair, on the floor, or wherever you want to use it to get relief from pain.